About Catvaas.com

Hello! My name is Vasyl, I am from Ukraine and I am this blog author. Glad to meet you here – welcome! I want to tell briefly my story and about Catvaas.com, share some vision and show what you can get from this blog.

Who am I and what is for you on Catvaas.com?

I am an individual specialist, consultant. Currently my main specializations are:

  • user interfaces development for web applications with React.js;
  • PPC traffic management (with Google Ads).

I strive to find and apply simplest solutions for everything, as if I was doing it alone for myself. I think that if you start something new, it should be firstly developed easy and fast. So people start using your product and leaving reviews. Then based on reviews we can add more features and complexity into the product.

Luckily there are tools allowing to achieve that. In web UI we have such ones as Next.js, Gatsby. Besides quicker development you get a faster and SEO-friendly web application. That is why I explore these tools, approaches and encourage you to try them in your projects. I share my experience here on Catvaas.com.

How all began (my short story)

I have been working on my own since 2010 and have got experience in many niches: web development, digital marketing, blogging, project management. I mentioned 2 specializations above as “main”, because for now they are my strongest.

In web development I started with coding design mockups into HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery). Also I tried C#, learned backend technologies (PHP, Node.js), databases (MySQL, MongoDB), full stack (Meteor.js). Something was easy, something was hard. I wrote few little projects with those backend tools. After trying all (and looking deeply into myself) I decided to stay in frontend, because this application part is closer to people.

Frontend is a wide niche. I explored its market: what projects and technologies are in demand? At the moment of research (2016) and from my previous Meteor.js experience the leader has been React. That is why I chose it and have been working with it since 2016. The React ecosystem is also wide, and in my view some approaches are too complicated. So I keep researching further, and today my goal may sound like “easy comfortable development of fast SEO-friendly web UI”. So you could create, launch and support your web application even alone.

You can read about frontend development in Blog > React, Cases > React, Cases > Other Web Development on Catvaas.com.

Why PPC and Google Ads?

To launch a web resource is not enough, we need to bring people to it. There are many ways to do this. I chose PPC, because it gives traffic quickly. You can see what kind of people visit your resource, guess about their interests, problems, intents. Therefore you can plan how to improve your business. For example, in Google Ads statistics you see real queries and use them in your SEO.

I believe that a product is main, not marketing. If you have the same marketing for 2 products and one product is better, guess who wins? A good product will be certainly profitable even with a weak marketing. But if the product is bad, even the strongest marketing will be a money waste.

Google Ads is an old player in PPC world, it is international, their support helps well with your questions. So I had a good experience working with them.

I am fond of other themes too, e. g. foreign languages, travelling, volunteering. Interest has no limits, and I think it is good to try sometimes new. Unfortunately, we can not become good at everything immediately, so you go to the mastery step by step.

How you can use Catvaas.com?

I describe all my experience in articles and cases. Read and enjoy.

However I invite you to be active. Try to repeat examples in practical materials. Comment articles and other comments, take part in discussions or write me via contacts. You are welcome to ask any questions about anything you do not understand. Or drop few lines about yourself.

I’d like to know you better in order to give more value. That is why I review each message and shall answer personally or in new articles.

Want to work with me?

Please go to Services (the top menu item of the same name) and read pages about how I work and what can I do for you. Then write me right from those pages or via contacts and we’ll discuss further.

That is all about me and Catvaas.com, thank you for reading. Maybe you have or had similar thoughts or life story – write about them. If you like my blog and find it useful, please share it with your friends.

Have a nice time! 😉

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