169 Subscribers for 4.18 UAH ($0.21) Each During 38 Days

This PPC case tells about driving leads to a free online course about Youtube marketing. The customer wanted to pay maximum 7 UAH ($0.35) per each lead and bring them all from Russia.

I have chosen a PPC system Yandex Direct because of geo targeting. I created 2 campaigns: one for search and one for display. Campaigns had been running during 38 days and below you can see screenshots of their results. Each screenshot shows a “per week” statistics:

The Search Campaign

The traffic on search was stable – around 160 clicks per week. The number of leads was also stable and varied around 24 leads weekly.

But the conversion rate was increasing each week: from 4.53% on the first one up to 10.65% on 5th one. The last (6th) week showed a little drop in conversion rate to 7.64%.

The Display Campaign

This campaign has worked less time than the search one – only 2 weeks. But results were as good as on the search. The number of conversions increased from 8 to 21 per week. And the conversion rate changed from 7.21% to 11.86% per week. Notice that the last number is greater than on search.

The display traffic also grew from 87 to 107 clicks, but the average cost per click slightly decreased from 0.60 UAH to 0.57 UAH. It means that the traffic quality became better and we were getting more leads from the same amount of traffic.

How Did These Results Happen?

Again, it happened because of cooperation between a client and a PPC marketer. The client knew the target audience well and prepared quality offers for it. The landing page worked well on mobile and desktop.

From my side, I prepared campaigns and supported them daily during the first week. I looked at real people queries and added negative keywords in order to clean the traffic. From the week 2, when the traffic became cleaner, I changed the support frequency to once per week.

I did not touch ad copies, only worked with negative keywords.

After a couple of weeks I made a big optimization:

  • explored combinations “ad + key phrase”: their spendings, amount of clicks and conversions;
  • found and stopped those combinations with the ad spend more than 1.5-2 desired CPA (11-14 UAH) and no results;
  • decreased cost per click in combinations with very expensive results (more than 1.5 desired CPA);
  • slightly increased cost per click in combinations with a low traffic or cheap cost per lead values.

These actions helped to increase the number of leads without reducing traffic.

How to Grow More?

In order to get more results we could:

  • prepare and test various offers on landing page and ad texts;
  • gather real people search queries, group them and write content. Then drive traffic to that content with retargeting later to the subscription page;
  • add Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

What Can You Do With This Case?

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