PPC Case: 1844 Subscribers with 11,54% Conversion Rate

This PPC case is about driving 1844 subscribers to a free online course about making beautiful glass surfaces. Each subscriber costed from 17.07 RUR to 28.34 RUR ($0.57-$0.94 at the moment when campaigns worked). The average conversion rate was 11.54%. The budget savings were 6% on the Search and 43% on the Display Network.

It was my first PPC campaign. The course taught how to create stained-glass and matte surfaces just in 2 hours and with your own hands only. So I adopted offers to various situations, e. g.:

  • Make a stained-glass window with your own hands in 2 hours.
  • Create a stained-glass surface for the table in 2 hours.
  • Make a matte window with your own hands in 2 hours.
  • Learn how to make stained-glass or matte windows and surfaces in 2 hours. Free online course.

The allowed cost per lead had to be no more than 30 RUR.

Campaigns Creation and Support

The course was targeted to Russia, so I used a contextual advertising service Yandex Direct. It is like Google Ads. I made a quick campaign which mixed search and display networks (yeah, at that time I did not think it was not good. You should always separate search and display). One ad contained 1 key phrase and 1 text.

The campaign have worked for 5 months: since October 2013 till March 2014. The first month I supported it every day, but next months it was 1 day per week enough. I was doing the following:

  • Changed cost per click for each ad. Some ads ate a huge amount of budget because they were clicked often. I decreased their CPC in order to distribute the budget evenly between ads.
  • Meanwhile I cleaned the traffic by adding negative keywords.
  • Restarted ads with more than 100 shows and 0 clicks.
  • Tested various ad texts.
  • Disabled ads without or with very expensive conversions.
Image - PPC case: 1844 subscribers, 11,54% Conversion

Campaigns Results

During 5 months campaigns have achieved such results:

  • CTR increased from 5.04% to 6.37% on search and from 0.37% to 0.63% on display.
  • Cost Per Click fell from 4.50 RUR to 1.72 RUR (search) and from 4.69 RUR to 1.93 RUR (display).
  • Conversion rate: Yandex Direct statistics showed its decrease from 6.49% to 2.96% on search and from 11.41% to 2.03% on display. But in Yandex Metrika (web analytics tool from Yandex) you can see the average conversion value of 11.54%.
  • Achieved leads: 1844 with cost per lead 28.34 RUR on search, 17.07 RUR on display. The average CPL was 22.42 RUR ($0.75) which equaled 25% cheaper than planned.

So the main goal of driving leads for less than 30 RUR per lead had been achieved.

What is Next?

You can use the similar approach in your own PPC marketing strategy. Please share your thoughts in comments.

If you’d like me to work on your project, please visit my Google Ads Service page and write me from it.

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