PPC Case: 506 Leads with 14.13% Conversion Rate

This PPC case tells about driving 506 leads with 14.13% conversion rate. The average cost per lead (CPL) was 25.27-25.35 RUR ($0.84 at the time of campaigns run). It was 16% cheaper than planned.

The product was a free online course about furniture design in 3D Studio Max.

So each lead acquisition cost had to be less than 30 RUR. This course was targeted to Russia, therefore I used Yandex Direct as a contextual advertising tool. Who does not know, it is like Google Ads.

Image - PPC case: 506 leads with 14.13% conversion rate

As can be seen from screenshots, this free course promised to teach how to visualize 3D furniture models in 15 or 30 minutes. Therefore I wrote offers using different furniture names, for example:

  • Furniture design in 15-30 min.
  • 3D kitchen image in 15 min.
  • Visualize wardrobe models in 15 min.

This campaign ran on both search and display networks, each ad consisted of 1 key phrase and 1 text. As you see, it was in 2013-2014, but please avoid mixing ad networks today.

PPC Case Results

During working on campaigns such results have been achieved:

  • CTR increased from 5.72% to 11.63% on search and from 0.47% to 0.61% on display.
  • Cost per click changed from 2.89 RUR to 1.95 RUR on search and from 3.36 RUR to 2.15 RUR on display.
  • Conversion kept its value about 13% on search and 17% on display moving a bit above or below.
  • Totally PPC campaigns drove 506 leads with an average 14.13% conversion rate. Each lead costed 25.35 RUR on search and 25.27 RUR on display. To clarify, $1 costed about 30 RUR at that time. In other words it was 15,6% cheaper CPL than planned.

In fact I achieved these results from campaigns only! I did not touch the landing page and did not run any split tests of it.

So What Next?

What do you think about this PPC case? Please comment in a form below.

You can use this case principles in many digital advertising tools. But if you need PPC traffic for your project, visit my Google Ads Service page and contact me from there.

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