PPC Case: Free Fitness Course – 746 leads for $0.56

This PPC case is about driving 746 leads to a free fitness course during 1.5 months. The average cost per lead became 11.27 UAH as a result. It was $0.56 at the time of campaigns run. Also it shows the importance of knowing people desires, making relevant products, good customer serving, improving your business.

The Product

The product was a free fitness course which led to a paid fitness online program with a coach. Earlier the client and his team prepared to the lead generation very good:

  • they knew their market, target audience, their desires;
  • they created quality products based on people’s desires;
  • they wrote relevant offers and text copies;
  • they created a converting email funnel;
  • the website had a nice responsive design and worked fast.

But the most important thing was that they worked actively on their business, consulted about niche nuances. Therefore it helped to set up relevant PPC campaigns.

PPC Campaigns for a Free Fitness Course

The target region consisted of Ukraine and Russia, so I used Yandex Direct as a contextual advertising tool. It is a Google Ads analogue and works in Russia and neighboring countries. The client wanted subscribers from PPC to his free course, their maximum cost had to be $1 (20 UAH) per subscriber. It was in January 2015, so was the currency course.

I created 2 campaigns: one for search and one for display. Campaigns contained 800 ads in both, each ad consisted of 1 key phrase and 1 text. Campaigns have run since 28 January till 10 March 2015.

Their speed was very fast. As can be seen the display campaign lasted only 1 day. I think it was because of a huge number of ads, the niche and a season. In early spring people wanted to improve their shapes after winter.

Free Course PPC Results

The Search campaign:

  • Cost per lead decreased from 20 UAH ($1) to about 9 UAH ($0.45), it was 55% cheaper.
  • Conversion rate was quite stable: about 6% at the start, then increased to about 8%.
  • Daily number of leads was bigger in first days (90-120) then decreased to about 40. It happened because I turned off ads that brought too expensive leads.

The Display campaign worked better: 16.67% conversion rate, 34 leads that costed 7.06 UAH ($0.35) per each one. It was 64.7% cheaper!

And here are results from both search and display campaigns:

  • number of leads: 712 (search) + 34 (display) = 746;
  • total costs spend: 8166.41 UAH (search) + 240 UAH (display) = 8406.41 UAH ($420.32);
  • average cost per lead: 8406.41 UAH / 746 leads = 11.27 UAH ($0.56).


What can we see from this free fitness course PPC case? The business owner was learning his customers constantly. He knew exactly what they wanted, therefore prepared relevant products. He served people from the moment they subscribed to him or ordered something. That is why the paid traffic brought good results.

Do you like this case? Please write in comments what do you think.

You can apply described here principles to many paid traffic sources. Maybe you are looking for someone to drive leads to your project? Then welcome to my Google Ads Service page and contact me from there.

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