44 Leads for Pets Goods: $13.20 Each for 49 Days

This case tells about how we have received 44 leads per $13.20 each during 49 days. It was 34% cheaper than the planned cost per lead $20. These results came only from improving already running PPC campaigns. So I have not created new ones. I did not change a website, product texts and offers. In other words, I performed a PPC management only.

The client was running a web store called “Antigav.ru” (it still works, try to copy & paste its name into a browser address bar). The store sells various goods for dogs: scarers, collars, GPS for pets and other. The client had run PPC campaigns himself and then wanted to improve their results. That is why he looked for a consultant.

About Client’s Website And Business

Screenshot of Antigav.ru homepage.
Antigav.ru homepage

Today the web site looks still the same. It is very simple from the first sight. For example, sometimes it loads long. The sales process is ordinary: add a product into a basket, then press “Order” and wait for a manager’s call. In addition there are no bright colors, promising offers, selling triggers, highly visited blog posts, subscription forms and other modern marketing tactics.

More than that, its PPC campaigns had not a very high level from my point of view. Ads groups contained too many keywords, therefore not all ad texts were relevant.

So when I saw all of that for the first time, I thought: “How can it work? I would redo everything here! I doubt if such a website can bring at least visitors, not saying about leads”.

But It Was Working! So Where Was The Key?

The key was in client’s attitude to his business. Though he had a simple marketing and a website, he was doing his main job very good. His peculiarities were such:

  • experience: he has worked with dogs about 20 years;
  • knowledge depth: he knew everything about dogs, what they needed, how to keep them;
  • diligence: he wrote detailed descriptions to each product, created a lot of instructions, consulted people on every question;
  • he shared his personality in every action: good mood and a humor.

So if you do your business like this, you can have clients even with an ordinary marketing and website.

The PPC Starting Point

As I said earlier, the client created campaigns himself. He targeted them to Russia and used two contextual advertising tools: Yandex Direct and Google Ads (Adwords at that time).

But each ad group contained too many keywords and not very relevant ad texts.

The traffic was going to categories and subcategories, not product pages.

The allowed cost per lead (CPL) was $20.

The client’s main task was to support campaigns and increase the number of leads.

Campaigns have run in 2015, since April 29 till June 16.

Working With PPC Campaigns

I jumped into client’s ad accounts (Yandex Direct and Google Adwords) and analyzed the current situation. I looked at cost per click, amount of daily traffic, number of leads, cost per lead. To my surprise many ad groups worked not bad.

As I had not to create everything from scratch, here is what I did with campaigns on the first day:

  • Real search queries analysis. Firstly I added a lot of negative keywords and formed a list of new keywords;
  • Secondly, I changed match types for some keywords: added a “+” modificator and the “exact” match;
  • Then I added few groups with new keywords;
  • And after all there was a little campaigns refactoring. I broke few old groups with bad results into smaller ones, so their texts and keywords were more relevant.

After that I was performing small actions daily (during the first week) and then weekly:

  • cleaning traffic with negative keywords;
  • watching daily ad spent, cost per click, number of leads and cost per lead;
  • little changes to ad texts.

Below I describe each advertising tool separately in detail.

Google Adwords Results

Google Adwords brought:

  • from the Search: 7 leads per 293.93 RUR ($5.89) each;
  • from the Display Network (GDN): 4 leads per 1512.65 RUR ($30.29) each.

It was in total: 11 leads per 741.17 RUR ($14.84) each. That means 25.80% cheaper than the planned cost per lead $20.

Antigav.ru Google Adwords results: 11 leads per $14.84 each. 25.80% cheaper than allowed CPL.
Google Adwords results for Antigav.ru

Here is a table comparing situations in Google Adwords Search and Display campaigns:

TrafficSlightly decreased because I cleaned it with negative keywords.Increased fast, then I had to lower CPC, so it decreased again.
Cost Per Click (CPC)I did not change it, only watched.Had to decrease it because of too big amount of traffic and high costs spent.
CPL and number of leadsVery cheap. 7 leads, it was more than on the Display Network.Over expensive and a little number of leads – 4.
Total number of clicks4708415
Google Adwords campaigns support actions and results

What Could I Do More With Google Adwords?

The Search had good results. Though it had a little number of clicks, I could:

  • continue the same easy support and wait till the Search gathers enough clicks for statistics;
  • or increase CPC in order to have more traffic and leads;
  • or create new ad groups and campaigns.

However, the situation with Display was bad. It had only 4 leads that came from one group:

Antigav.ru Google Adwords Display: the group with 4 results.
Google Adwords Display: the only group with results.

This group brought leads for 107.98 RUR ($2.16) each which was much more cheaper than allowed $20. I’d increase CPC for this group slowly, watching changes in its results.

Other groups had no leads at all. Though each of them has not spent 1000 RUR ($20), it has got few hundreds of clicks:

Antigav.ru Google Adwords Display: groups with many clicks and no leads.
Google Adwords Display: groups without leads.

I my opinion this is enough statistics for one group. So I could analyze sites that showed their ads, stop some of the sites or a whole group. Then create new groups by combining keywords from old ones. Use new creatives and more relevant texts.

Yandex Direct Results

Yandex Direct brought:

  • from the Search: 28 leads per 717.11 RUR ($14.36) each;
  • from the Display Network (YDN): 5 leads per 392.16 RUR ($7.85) each.

It is in total: 33 leads per 667.88 RUR ($13.37) each. That means 33.15% cheaper than the planned cost per lead $20.

Antigav.ru Yandex Direct results: 33 leads per $13.37 each. 33.15% cheaper than allowed CPL.
Yandex Direct results for Antigav.ru

The table describes what I had done for Yandex Direct campaigns and what results it gave:

Traffic, CTRAdded many negative keywords. Daily traffic and cost reduced, but CTR and traffic quality increased.Traffic and CTR were stable.
Cost Per Click (CPC)Slightly CPC increasing each week in order to get more of quality traffic.CPC was stable too.
Page DepthStable, people visited an average of 3 pages per session (from 2.38 to 3.53).Stable, no big changes.
CPL and number of leadsCost Per Lead (CPL) jumped a lot, but there was a tendency to its slow decrease.Less number of leads than on the search but almost 2 times cheaper.
Total number of clicks2305570
Why such results?Enough number of clicks for statistics. Easy to figure out and turn off bad resulting ads and keywords.Not enough clicks for statistics. Need to gather more in order to turn off bad resulting websites and ads.
Yandex Direct campaigns support actions and results

What Could I Do More With Yandex Direct?

You see that the Search has shown good results. Therefore I could support it once a week and try to create new ad groups and campaigns.

On the other hand, the Display needed more clicks. It brought cheaper leads, so I could increase its CPC a bit to get more traffic. Then after gathering enough statistics I could check performance of ad groups and sites.

Possible Future Actions For Antigav.ru

In order to achieve more I would keep real search queries analysis and learning the target audience. After that write articles based on searched real queries, including links to appropriate products. Then try driving traffic to the articles and retarget their visitors to product pages.

Also refactor PPC campaigns structure:

  • create a separate campaign for every category in a web store;
  • each ad group should drive traffic to a page of a subcategory or a separate product.

Another interesting option is to create content funnels for sets of products. Develop upsell, cross-sell product packs.

The Case Conclusion

That is how we have got in total 44 leads per $13.20 each during 49 days. So there are main takeaways from this case:

  • The product and the attitude to people play the main role.
  • The more details you know about your client’s business, the better marketing results will be.
  • Do care about relevancy, not the amount of keywords or ad texts. Use such a number of keywords in a group so they are as much relevant to ad texts as possible. As a result you may have a lot of ad groups. However they will be easier to optimize.
  • If a group spent less than 1 planned Cost Per Lead but gathered enough number of clicks, you can analyze and optimize this group. Waiting for every well clicking group to spend 1 allowed CPL with 0 results can be too expensive.

Client’s Feedback

I have got a feedback from the owner of Antigav.ru (it is in Russian, I translate into English further):

Feedback from Antigav.ru about PPC management.
Feedback from Antigav.ru

Рекомендую Василя как опытного и грамотного специалиста! В результате скрупулезной настройки кампаний бюджет на рекламу сократился в два раза при практически прежней эффективности.

Сергей, Antigav.ru

I recommend Vasyl as an experienced and competent specialist! As a result of the meticulous tuning of ad campaigns, the advertising budget was cut in half, with practically the same efficiency.

Sergei, Antigav.ru

What Can You Do Next?

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Please share this material with your friends, they may thank you.

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Anyway, I wish you good luck in your PPC efforts 😉

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