Resort Internet Marketing Case: PPC Leads Per $3.90

Can internet marketing in a resort niche bring cheap leads? Sure, it depends. But for one of them – “Sosnovaya Roshcha” at a Black Sea coast – we started getting leads per $1.16 each from PPC campaigns. It was even 70.26% cheaper than $3.90!

They all came from a PPC system Yandex Display Network (YDN), it is analogue to Google Display Network.

The Resort PPC Marketing Strategy

So, the promoted business was a resort “Sosnovaya Roshcha”. The geographical targeting was set to Russia.

The client gave such conditions for PPC campaigns:

  • the cost per click (CPC) should be no more than $0.04;
  • campaigns should bring at least 100 visitors daily;
  • the planned cost per one lead (CPL) must be 200 RUR ($3.90) or less;

In my opinion $3.90 per lead is too low for resorts. But the client wanted to see how would it play, if we can bring leads at the most minimal price.

The marketing funnel was simple:

  • visitors submit a contact form on a landing page;
  • a manager calls them and gives a free consultation;
  • after that offer them paid trips to the resort.

There were already Yandex Direct Search PPC campaigns, but they brought expensive leads. The client tried to run PPC herself, watched videos, read articles. But results were not very high. So she decided to compare with the job done by a PPC specialist.

To sum up, the approach to “Sosnovaya Roshcha” resort internet marketing was this:

  • create PPC campaigns in Yandex Display Network (YDN) only;
  • show main offers in the YDN campaign;
  • remarketing: propose other resort advantages that were not mentioned in main offers.

We wanted more leads than on the Search, with minimal CPC.

A working period of this resort promotion has been since April 16 till May 03, 2015 (17 days).

What Have I Prepared?

It was not very special. I created just two PPC campaigns: one for Yandex Display Network and a remarketing one.

I have not changed the website content, only installed a web analytics code and set up goals.

In ad texts I used offers and texts from the website’s content. I wrote few variations and planned to test them one by one.

The only thing I could influence was the relevancy between ad texts and the landing page.

How Did It Work In General?

The client was skeptical, I was too. It looked more like an experiment than a long-term resort internet marketing.

Campaigns started with a very little CPC 1.60 RUR ($0.03). This CPC even decreased to 1.55 RUR later.

But the traffic started to grow doubling and tripling itself! From 20 clicks in the first week to 154 clicks in the third one:

Image: results of PPC internet marketing for the "Sosnovaya Roshcha" resort
Statistics of PPC internet marketing for the “Sosnovaya Roshcha” resort.

Sure here is a big part of Yandex Display Network work. The Display Network works this way: it starts with a low traffic, then it learns and gives you a lot more next weeks. That is why you can see this on the screenshot:

  • CTR increase from 0.37% to 0.51%;
  • the “look-through-website” depth increased from 1 to 1.50.

That showed that the traffic became better and more engaged. People looked through more pages per 1 visit. As a result the third week brought 4 leads per 59.59 RUR ($1.16) each.

How Did I Support Campaigns?

Due to low CPC and amount of traffic I could not have the exact statistics. It requires at least 1000 clicks, but 228 (as on screenshot) was far not enough. Also it was the Display Network where you can not see real search queries.

So my supporting actions were simple:

  • watch the CPC to be $0.04 maximum;
  • work on the daily amount of traffic;
  • watch cost spending and leads on the whole campaign, each ad and Display Network sites;
  • wait for ads / sites that would have spent 1.5-2 times more than allowed 200 RUR ($3.90).

Once I find such highly spending ads or sites I’d look closer at them and decide:

  • if they have brought expensive leads then try to lower their CPC or use another ad text + image;
  • if they had 0 results, then turn them off.

What Could We Change Or Do More?

As I said earlier, I think that CPC $0.04 and CPL $3.90 are too low for the resort internet marketing. The primary goal of such cheap PPC campaigns might be learning your real visitors. Then to improve your business and a website based on this knowledge.

Sure if the campaigns start bringing leads I’d do the following:

  • increase planned CPC and CPL values;
  • create separate campaigns for lead generation only;
  • put resulting ads from previous cheap “learning” PPC campaigns into new lead generation campaigns.

I think the goal has been achieved. We started getting leads much cheaper than $3.90. On the other hand their daily number was very low and varied a lot.

What the Client Said?

The client gave me a feedback for this work (in Russian):

Image: feedback for the PPC internet marketing of the "Sosnovaya Roshcha" resort
Feedback for the PPC internet marketing of the “Sosnovaya Roshcha” resort. Source.

Here is the English translation:

We needed to launch ad campaigns on the Yandex Display Network for a touristic object. At that time there was only advertising on the Search. And it was expensive. We wanted to get 100 clicks daily for the specified CPC in the task. We wanted to get more applications than on the Search, with a minimum CPC.

Previously we watched videos, read literature and created PPC campaigns ourselves. But results were not so high. So we wanted to see how much it would be effective if a specialist does it.

We liked Vasyl’s examples of tuning PPC results. He answered all questions, explained why is it done this way and not another. The result was a positive surprise, although we were initially skeptical. There were conversions (leads).

Kate Voloshyna

Though she liked results, unfortunately this project stopped for its own reasons.

Yeah, This Happens… But We Need to Move Further!

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