Leads from Google Ads for Your Business on Pay Per Lead Basis

Just Tell Your Maximum Budget for Getting One Potential Client and a Desired Number of Clients per Month.

Are you starting a new project? Or does your business work offline well and you want to get clients from Internet? Here is how Google Ads can help you:

  • bring new potential clients constantly;
  • test your new ideas quickly whether they worth working further;
  • get ideas about improving your business in order to fit people desires better;
  • learn your target market.

But setting Google Ads properly needs time, patience, attention. If you do not want to play with that yourself I can create Google Ads campaigns for you.

What Can I Do for You?

Here is what my “Pay Per Lead” Google Ads advice includes (all work is free, therefore you pay for leads only like an affiliate program):

  • Brief market research in Google: I look on competitors ads, websites, offers.
  • Your product analysis: advantages, positioning.
  • Creating hypotheses about how to position you on the market.
  • Gather key phrases, group them, discover people intents behind them.
  • Advertising strategy: campaigns sequence, remarketing – everything to involve hot, warm and cold traffic.
  • Setting up web analytics on your website: Google Tag Manager, Universal Analytics.
  • Creating Google Ads campaigns.
  • Campaigns support: cleaning traffic, budget and conversion optimization.
  • Traffic analysis: getting ideas about improving your website, product, business.

Additional services

Ideally they should be already completed by you. If not, I can do them too, but they are paid hourly:

  • Market research: competitors analysis, target audience segments description, your product positioning, writing offers.
  • Web development: working on your website, writing scripts, creating landing pages etc.

Want to See Examples of My Work?

I have been working with PPC since 2013 as a freelancer, then with two big online businesses, then in a marketing agency. After all I have been doing it for my personal needs. My clients were in different niches: e-commerce, online education, services etc.

You can visit Cases > Google Ads, Cases > Facebook Ads, Cases > Other PPC in order to see examples.

Why Leads and Not Buyers?

To turn leads into buyers we need to work with them: answer their questions, explain how our product helps them, close their objections. Only after that people can buy from us. This part of work is done with a sales department, a call center or a conversion funnel.

In other words,advertising campaigns influence directly only a number of leads. If you sell good, then the more leads you have – the more sales you make.

How Can We Cooperate?

The typical process consists of such steps:

  1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and send it.
  2. I’ll read your message and answer you, so we plan a call and discuss your project.
  3. After that I’ll make you an advice about what can be done.
  4. If you like it I start working. Usually I begin part-time with small search campaigns.
  5. You give me the Advertiser access to your Google Ads account (I can explain how, do not worry).
  6. During campaigns development I may show you results of each step: market research, gathered key phrases, variants of ad texts etc.
  7. The budget for advertising is yours. To clarify, it should be such an amount that you feel OK to risk. Please understand it correctly and do not invest your last money.
  8. When campaigns run I show you statistics: cost per click, budget spent, conversion rate, number of clicks etc. I’ll explain what I am going to do next for the optimization.
  9. For statistics to be accurate campaigns need to gather enough amount of clicks (it depends on a project).
  10. After gathering enough statistics I make a deeper analysis and tell you my conclusion about what to do next.
  11. If we both like the progress and results we continue further. If no – it is OK, you can stop at any time, just notify me.

What is Expected from You for Success?

Advertising is basically only informing people about your business. In order to obtain wonderful results from your PPC campaigns I expect you to have already this:

  • good knowledge of your market, target audience, ideal customers portraits;
  • have a quality product/service that fits your target audience well;
  • know how your product/service can help your clients;
  • a website working well on all screen sizes;
  • a sales department (call center or a conversion funnel) that turns a lead into a buyer.

In other words, do your job very good by serving people after they filled the form on your website and bought your products.

But if you do not have something from the list above – no problem. Write me anyway and I’ll advice you possible solutions.

What Projects Can I Help You With?

I work with only “white-hat” projects. It means they offer products or services of high quality, serve clients well, are allowed by Google Ads Policy. In other words, they do their part of job very good like for themselves.

Also I have a list of niches with which I am more familiar or interested in and could prepare ads campaigns faster:

  • Foreign languages.
  • Travelling, tourism. Can be countries (especially european, scandinavian, UK), hiking, tours, products for travelers etc.
  • Trains, railways.
  • Boats, ships, yachts, sailing.
  • Swimming, diving, windsurfing.
  • Volunteer, youth organizations, summer camps, charities.
  • Bicycles.
  • Survival in the wild nature.
  • Green energy (solar, windy).

But as for so called “gray-” or “black-hat” projects, e. g.: esoteric, adult, gambling, nutra, finances and other prohibited by Google, – sorry 🙁 I do not work with them.

My Certifications

I have been passing various digital marketing courses since 2013. Below are certificates from last ones. In order to see the full image, click it with a right mouse button and select “Open link in a new tab”.

About Guarantee

I can guarantee only dedication and quality of my work, but neither a certain cost per lead nor a number of leads per month. It is because marketing works with people and people are not exactly predictable.

First few weeks are always trial. During this time the traffic may not be profitable because we test the niche and cut off regularly what is not working. Usually after that the traffic becomes cheaper and ROI higher.

Please remember that marketing is not a magic tablet. It is always a partnership with you as a business owner.


As mentioned above, Google Ads campaigns creation and support are free. You pay only for results (per lead).

However other work (market research, websites etc) is paid hourly. So if you need it we can discuss the required amount of hours.

Sounds good? – Then write me!

Before sending this form, please make sure that you understand all the information from above, especially:

  • Why leads and not buyers?
  • What is expected from you for success?
  • Niches I do and do not work with.
  • Guarantee.
  • Pricing.

Then tell about your project situation and what is needed to solve. Fill and send the form below:

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