Web Applications UI Development with React

Get Scalable, Fast, Easy to Maintain User Interfaces Developed with React.js for Your Web Application.

Are you working on a web application? Have you designs of its pages and want them implemented in code? I can help you with all the frontend part whether by creating it from scratch or by working with your team.

My experience in frontend development has been since 2010. Since 2016 I’ve been working professionally with React.js

How can your web UI be scalable and fast?

The UI scalability, maintainability and speed are dependent on how do you plan all your work before writing first lines of code. Here I describe stages like if all should be developed from zero:

  • Establishing priorities. Your application can be small or big. We’ll discuss what part of it is the most important, develop and deploy it. Then move to next ones based on real users feedback.
  • Architecture planning. I use a simple approach to figure out application parts (routes, pages, logic etc), relations between them, necessary dependencies. So the application is developed, scaled and maintained with comfort.
  • Data models and flow. What data does the application use, how should those data be organized and move between app parts.
  • Custom library of UI components. Firstly I’ll dig deeper into UI and break it into small independent reusable bricks – components. This allows to use them in different app places, avoid code duplication, reduce code size and bugs.
  • Coding the app. I’ll compose components into pages and pages into the whole application.
  • Testing. Some parts of the app logic may be tested if they perform complex data transformations.
  • Performance optimization. If you feel or your application users say that some UI works slow, I can examine and work on those UI parts.

Sure, if your application is already under active development, you may have some of those stages passed. In this case we’ll start with the most appropriate stage for you.

Technologies used

In order to achieve all described above I use such technologies and tools:

  • core UI: React.js, Redux, React-Router-Dom;
  • React UI libraries: Reactstrap, Ant Design, Bootstrap;
  • forms: Formik, Redux-Form;
  • handling side effects: JS Promises, async/await, Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga;
  • core JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS/SASS;
  • for testing: Jest, Enzyme.

Also I have worked with Meteor.js (1 year), Node.js, Express, MongoDB. So if the backend is made with those technologies, I can look there too.

How can we cooperate?

Here is a typical process:

  • Write me through the form below, explain briefly what do you want.
  • Then we’ll plan a quick call (in Skype or Hangouts) to discuss your project and get acquainted.
  • If all is good, I start working with you for some trial period. This period can be any length, for example few days or 1 week etc. It is for learning your project better and doing something on it. During that I’ll give you regular feedbacks about how everything goes.
  • If you like the progress and results, then we continue working. If no – it’s OK, you can stop at any time, just notify me.

Want to see examples of my work?

Starting from 2010 as a frontend developer I took part in many projects of different types and niches, for instance:

  • crowdfunding, money collection;
  • e-commerce;
  • medical clinicks;
  • personal and business websites;
  • travel (booking trips, transport, living places);
  • searching and information portals.

Those projects were on different stages: some had to be created from zero, some needed additional team member, other ones required refactoring or consultation. You can read about all examples in detail in Cases > React, Cases > Other Web Development.

My Certifications

I have been passing various programming courses since 2011. Below are certificates from last ones. In order to see the full image, click it with a right mouse button and select “Open link in a new tab”.

If you like all and want to develop your web app UI with me, then push this button below:


I work only remotely because I think it is the best way. But you can be remote too or in an office – it does not matter.

My usual working days are Monday – Friday, from the early morning till the late evening. I can dedicate part- or full-time to your project, so it’s an average of 20-35 hours per week.

Also I work without vacations like “30 paid days in a year”. If I need some time off I’ll notify you in advance.


I work hourly and charge only for the worked time. So you do not pay my taxes, vacations, services I use etc.

Sounds good? – Write me then

Please tell about what you’d like to develop by filling this form. I’ll answer you soon to your email.

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